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Expanded Field

Ethnography is variably understood as a set of tools, a way of seeing, a research disposition, an ethical orientation, a mode of writing as well as an effort of generating concepts. Historically associated with social scientific research, ethnography today is just as likely to be claimed as a practice in art and design as it is in anthropology. The expansion of the field—a source of consternation and loss of identity for some, a source of inspiration and possibility for others—is now a practical reality.

Ethnography in the Expanded Field is a project that collects and archives responses to, and artifacts from, ethnographic practice from a wide range of perspectives. The form of the archive is non-hierarchical. Viewers are encouraged to explore the many contributions in a nonlinear fashion.

Contributors to the archive hail from a wide range of professional and disciplinary backgrounds including anthropology, sociology, geography, political science, art and design. In the convergence of diverse ideas and practices, the archive serves as an acknowledgement of the partiality embedded in disciplinary efforts to understand the world. Fragments from the field along with commentary on practice invite interpretation, debate and conversation. The goal of this project aims not to threaten the sanctity or rigor of ethnographic practice, but to initiate modes of social inquiry and action that derive insight from broadened repertoires and cross-disciplinary considerations.

Ethnography in the Expanded Field developed from conversations at the Graduate Institute for Design Ethnography and Social Thought (GIDEST) and is generously supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in conjunction with The School of Design Strategies at Parsons School of Design.

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Ethnography in the Expanded Field is organized by:
Barbara Adams, PhD Candidate in Sociology, The New School for Social Research
Scott Brown, PhD Candidate in Anthropology, The New School for Social Research
John Bruce, Assistant Professor of Strategic Design and Management, Parsons School of Design


99 Hooker
Estefanía Acosta, Laura Sánchez, and Misha Volf
Patricia Alvarez
Alice Arnold
Felipe Baeza
Malgorzata Bakalarz
Thalía Barragán
Itziar Barrio
Paola Baruffaldi
Laura Belik
Prof. Roberley Bell
Daniel Bejar
Darcy Bender
Stephanie Bickford-Smith
Valeria Borsotti
Camille Bosqué
Alaiyo Bradshaw
大龙 Caicedo
Lucia Caistor-Arendar
Luke Cantarella, Christine Hegel, George Marcus
Juanli Carrión
Francisco Montoya Cazarez
Daniel Sebastián Forero Celis
Santiago Cembrano
Ofri Cnaani
Michael Bret Cohen
Juliana Cope
Lily Díaz-Kommonen
Jan Dutkiewicz
Susan Falls
Déborah Farnault
Carmine Feo
Bárbara Fluxá
Laura Forlano
Lindsey Freeman
Ananda Gabo
Alix Gerber
Laura Gibellini
Liliana Gil
Quizayra Gonzales
Sarah Grass
Minja Gu
Núria Güell
Tomie Hahn
Mateusz Halawa
Anne-Katrine Hansen
Kate Harding
Michael Hart
Joseph Heathcott
John Hopkins
Astra Howard
Frederick Howard
Andrew Irving
Randi Irwin
Curtis James
Samson Johnson
Hannah Jones, Andrea Small and Nihir Shah
Maria Kairuz
Dr. Sofia Karatza
Jeff Kasper
Miru Kim
Britt Kramvig
Daniel Kraus
Monica Kumar
Maria Lamadrid
Erika Robb Larkins
Erica Lehrer
Rena Leinberger
Jana Leo
Max Liboiron
Laura Liu
Ye Liu
Gamar Markarian and Tait Mandler
Tania Aparicio Morales
Kate Morrell
Bill Morrish
Henrik Nieratschker
Nicolas Nova
Rebecca Ora
Valerio Rocco Orlando
Rosalind Paradis
Elizabeth Parker
Daniela Paz
David Peppas
José Pico
Lana Porter
Hillary Predko
Jason Price
Helio Reguera
Lina Maria Coy Rodriguez
Tamar Roemer
Elisa Rothenbuhler
Risha Rox
Laura Sanchez
Laura Scherling
Abigail Schoneboom
Antonio Serna
Chengcheng Shi
Kenneth Sider
Miriam Simun
Stephanie Spray
Parsons DESIS (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability) Lab
Luke Sturgeon
Patricia Sunderland
Elisa Taber
Carly Thompson
Sam Tobin
Santiago Caicedo Torres
Ryan Tracy
Alexios Tsigkas
Paul Vance
Pacho Velez
Otto von Busch
Wendy Washington
Michelle Weitzel
Mae Wiskin
Pawel Wojtasik
Rafi Youatt

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